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Welcome To S.A Poultry Farmers & Suppliers Association

Committed to the development in our industry.

Who are we?

SA Poultry Farmers and Suppliers Association is a Non-Governmental Organisation that is committed to development within the Poultry Industry in South Africa, helping to develop a stable and profitable environment within the poultry farming industry in South Africa.

SA Poultry Farmers and Suppliers Association BY South Africans FOR Like minded South Africans both black and white, male and female bringing together a host of skills, talents, expertise and experience. To help our Fellow South Africans create a better future for not only them self but their communities as well through Poultry Farming. And we are doing this in a non profit manner purely driven purely by passions and experience.  Protecting the rights and interest of our people

Having said all that we know the challenges emerging farmers face out there, and we have taken care of that.

Be part of the Generation of poultry Farmers where your growth is our key.

Quick And Easy Way To Become A Verified Member

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Click The Membership Button In The Menu

Follow the on screen instructions

Becoming a member is quick and easy and only requires a few steps

Choose Between A Farmer And A Supplier

Are you a farmer or a supplier to the poultry industry?

Tell us about your business and let us know where to place your listing.

Pay For Your Membership

Once you have made a payment we will require certain documents to authenticate your business

Scammers be warned, we conduct thorough checks to ensure our members are legit and pose no threat to the poultry industry.


The Hub

The Hub plays an important role in the development of our industry both socially and economically. The Hub is aimed to create a trustworthy platform for buyers and supporters to the industry to connect with farmers and suppliers closest to them, The Hub allows buyers to connect and do business with registered farmers and suppliers. All the farmers and suppliers’ information listed in the hub has been verified and information placed on the hub is true and accurate.

Risk Management Desk

As we are Mandated to our memorandum of Incorporation as a Community Economic Empowerment Foundation, we have created a risk management desk that plays an active role in the prevention of scams in our industry. To protect the interest of both farmers, suppliers and buyers

Marketing and Communication

SA Poultry Farmers and Suppliers Association aims to establish our organisation as an organisation of choice, as a credit worthy source to receive information industry related from and to promote and protect our industries interest and benefits at large.

Human Resource Management

We will advise and assist with HR related queries

Skills and Business development

We offer various skills and business programs and support structures

Legal Advice

Poultry and Business related legal advice

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